IsoMedIta: A stable Isotope Database for Medieval Italy

IsoMedIta collects human, animal, and plant stable isotope measurements (δ13C, δ15N, δ18O, δ34S, 87Sr/86Sr) from medieval Italian archaeological sites. We designed a highly characterised metadata structure for which isotopic data is defined by historical and archaeological information that at best fits with medieval Italian societies. Environmental and biological categories further describe the data. Additional fields include spatio-temporal localisation of samples and the cross-identification of database entries with original sources.

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Field Value
Existing DOI
Assigned DOI
Version 1.0
Author Noemi Mantile; Carlo Cocozza
Author Email Noemi Mantile; Carlo Cocozza
Maintainer Noemi Mantile
Maintainer Email Noemi Mantile
Chronological range (min) 401
Chronological range (max) 1500
Spatial Box 36.636, 6.527, 47.102, 18.524