Equine Biometry from Medieval and Modern sites in the Czech Republic

This dataset contains osteological measurements of bones and teeth of horses from Late Medieval to Early Modern Brno and published measurements of long bones from Czech Medieval and Modern sites. Individual measurements are described in the attached Excel file. Withers heights were estimated from Greatest Length (GL) measurements of long bones following May (1985). Robusticity was examined through metrical analysis of metapodials namely the ratios between GL and the smallest width of the diaphysis (SD) and the greatest breadth of distal (Bd) and proximal (Bp) epiphysis. In addition, modern measurements of metapodials from Arabian, Przewalski, and Heavy horses were added as reference samples.

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Existing DOI
Assigned DOI https://www.doi.org/10.48493/c8ck-y827
Author Michal Smíšek, Vera Klontza-Jaklova, Romilda Tengeriová
Author Email Michal Smíšek, Vera Klontza-Jaklova, Romilda Tengeriová
Maintainer Michal Smíšek
Maintainer Email Michal Smíšek
Chronological range (min) 400
Chronological range (max) 1900
Spatial Box 12.05, 48.33, 18.51, 51.03