Edaphobase: is a taxonomic-ecological database system, which combines existing taxonomical primary data on soil organisms from collections, scientific literature and reports etc. originating from many research institutes and persons involved in soil zoology. This data is linked at the species level to ecological background information of the species’ sites of occurrence (i. e., geography, soils, habitat type, climate etc., including also data on stable isotopes in soil and fauna). The data is available to the general public via a web application containing a comprehensive query system, which allows the analysis and evaluation of the data for complex ecological questions of soil-zoological research and monitoring.

Further Reading: Burkhardt, U., Russell, D.J., Decker, P., Döhler, M., Höfer, H., Römbke, J., Trog, C., Vorwald, J., Wurst, E., Xylander, W.E.R. (2014): The edaphobase project of GBIF-Germany – A new online soil-organism zoological data warehouse. Applied Soil Ecology, 83, 3-12. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.apsoil.2014.03.021.