CARD: Canadian Archaeological Radiocarbon Database

CARD is a global database of +50,000 14C dates from archaeological, geological, and paleoenvironmental contexts. CARD was developed in 1990 and expanded to V2.1 in 2015 with additional features such as a spatial interface, a security wall, unlimited up/downloading and on screen data editing.

Data obtained from OASIS should be cited as: Martindale, Andrew, Richard Morlan, Matthew Betts, Michael Blake, Korand Gajewski, Michelle Chaput, Andrew Mason, and Pierre Vermeersch (2016) Canadian Archaeological Radiocarbon Database (CARD 2.1), accessed Month, day, year.

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CARD was developed by Dr. Richard Morlan (Canadian Museum of History) and is managed by: Andrew Martindale (Director) Matthew Betts (Canadian Museum of History) Michael Blake (University of British Columbia) Michelle Chaput (University of Ottawa) Konrad Gajewski (University of Ottawa) Andrew Mason (Golder Ltd.) Pierre Vermeersch (KU Leuven)
Dr. Andrew Martindale, Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia Department of Anthropology and Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies Director of the UBC Laboratory of Archaeology and CARD Email: