Tooth Formation Age Dataset for Early Childhood Bioarchaeological and Medical Studies

A compilation of data from histological sources on the formation ages for human mandibular and maxillary permanent first molars, lateral and central incisors and canines. Summarized data consists of weighted means for cusp initiation, crown completion and apex completion. This provides a reference for bioarchaeological and medical studies investigating early childhood. More specifically, this reference is a crucial element in the study of early childhood nutrition and morbidity from osteological analysis and stable isotope analyses of teeth and their growth increments.

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Existing DOI
Assigned DOI 10.48493/p5g4-ps12
Author Carlo Cocozza & Ricardo Fernades
Author Email Carlo Cocozza & Ricardo Fernades
Maintainer Carlo Cocozza
Maintainer Email Carlo Cocozza
Chronological range (min) 1940
Chronological range (max) 2010
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