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The Mesoamerican Radiocarbon (MesoRAD) database compiles radiocarbon dates and isotopic data from archaeological sites in across Mesoamerica. The initial dataset from MesoRAD is a compilation of 14C dates from the Maya lowlands. We will be expanding the database to other parts of Mesoamerica soon. If you would like to submit your data to MesoRAD, please visit our website for more information:

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Additional Info

Field Value
Existing DOI
Assigned DOI
Version 1.3
Author Julie Hoggarth and Claire Ebert
Author Email Julie Hoggarth and Claire Ebert
Maintainer Claire Ebert
Maintainer Email Claire Ebert
Chronological range (min) modern
Chronological range (max) 13740 cal BP
Spatial Box 12, -109, 25, -82