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  • Bubona

    An open-access, international dataset of dental wear patterns and associated broad age stages in archaeological and modern cattle mandibles.
  • Collagen to collagen prey-predator TDF in Late Pleistocene cave hyena

    Supplementary information for the Paper "Collagen to collagen prey-predator trophic discrimination factors (Δ13C, Δ15N) in Late Pleistocene cave hyena – a case study of a...
  • Vitis vinifera seeds in Eastern Mediterranean (up to the 7th c. CE)

    It is a pilot database collecting wine seed finds in the eastern Mediterranean, with a focus on Egeida, from the Mesolithic to the early Middle Ages. This is part of the...
  • Pig measurements dataset

    This dataset includes selected pig measurements from the sites in Greece, western Anatolia, Crete, and Cyprus. See references for further information on each site.
  • testing

    This repository has no description

  • ReSources

    This dataset holds files for ReSources
  • Radiocarbon Palaeolithic Europe Database v28

    In this database we have collected the available radiometric data from literature and from other more restricted databases. We try to incorporate newly published chronometric...
  • 14CARHU

    The 14CARHU (RadioCARbon Dates of Helsinki University) is an ultimate public and searchable database for the University of Helsinki radiocarbon data.
  • Northern Hemisphere Modern leaf wax δDn-alkane dataset

    Northern Hemisphere Modern leaf wax δDn-alkane database consists of 561 modern higher plants (213 species) sampled from 81 sites across the Northern Hemisphere. Further reading:...

    Τhis dataset created for a limited region of Southern Crete (area of ancient Inatos and Priansos) serves to model various relations between habitation, natural and resource...
  • EPRG Jomon

    The Early Pottery Research database is hosted by the Early Pottery Research Group and contains carbon stable isotope data and molecular information derived from organic residue...
  • 14SEA Project: A 14C database for Southeast Europe and Anatolia (10,000–3000...

    14SEA is a new 14C database for Southeast Europe, the Aegean and Anatolia targeting the Mesolithic, Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods. We are especially concerned with the...
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